Strategy. $$ can sometimes shift focus from long term strategy to short term strategy. Usually, a successful company is known for something. If you are the best, do not compromise those key values and core offerings. When it is all said and done, you will be left with the client saying 1 of 2 things.

1. That is why I went to them, they know their stuff. Let’s keep this going.
2. I thought they knew what they were doing.

Most industries have lots of options and if you lose focus of what your core offerings are, the only thing that will suffer is your reputation. In the digital space, it is important to always return to the basic alignment of strategy between your client’s business goals and your company’s primary mission. You should always ask the question, “if we do this, does it align with our corporate strategy?”

This is why, as an employee it is important to understand what the company is striving to achieve. You should always be aware of the touch points to that mission as well. For example, at W2O Digital, my primary focus as UI Lead is to build analytic dashboards. This is vastly different than the websites we build. At the core of our dashboards, is the data. WCG is known as an industry leader in analytics. The alignment of client business goals and our company strategy for analytics is never more important than on the dashboards we produce. Insights and analytics, at the very core. No compromising the integrity of those core offerings. If you always have that in mind, you will always be in a position for the win.