What’s my “Why”?

In an ever changing world, we are unanimously bound by the only question that matters, “What’s your why?”. I’ve been thinking about this question for a while and have seen so many prominent leaders writing about their “why”.

My why is driven by the things most important to me and my fear. Yes, I am afraid.

Afraid to fail…

I always tell people that I work with, “Don’t be afraid to fail.” But the truth is, I am. That fear drives me. It drives me to learn, to change and to be better tomorrow than I am today. Fear can be used in positive and negative ways, and I choose to use it for positive outcomes.

Afraid to succeed…

What? Afraid of success? Yes. Because when you succeed you set high expectations for future outcomes. Throughout my career, I’ve identified people who aren’t productive for no other reason than they were afraid that success would cause them to have to live up to higher expectations. I still find myself tempering those expectations.

Not afraid to try…

Move forward. Don’t let the fear of outcome prevent you from writing your story. You control your own outcomes. Sometimes you will be on the winning side and sometimes not but with every attempt leads you to a better outcome, provided that you always apply what you learn.

So, what is my “why”?

  • Why do I work so hard in my professional career?
  • Why do I wake up every morning and push myself for positive outcomes?

My “why” is my family. Specifically, I do what I do so my children and wife have the best life I can give them. To make life better for them and those around me.

My “why” is Autism. My son is starting high school this year and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him and his Autism. He has taught me more than I have ever taught him. He has a special view of the world that gives me hope and purpose.

My “why” is my culture and history. Where I come from, my traumatic childhood, my struggles and the strong figures I had in my life have shaped my personality. My mother, grandmother and sisters have shown me that I can be strong but still sensitive. My culture (South Louisiana) is one of hard working people who build, are amazing at innovation and love each other unconditionally.

Professionally, my “why” are the employees I work for. I love seeing people grow and become everything I know they can be. As a leader, I do everything I can for that outcome.

If you know and state your why, it will drive you to be successful. It will help you get perspective when you have negativity in your life.

What’s your why?