Consider for a moment your perfect dream home. You have always thought about what this home would look like. The amenities, landscaping, size, rooms, floors, bathrooms and all the other things that makes a home look like a home. But wait, in all your thoughts about your perfect house, did you ever really think about the foundation that home will be built on? Did you consider the type of wood that would be used in the construction of the walls? What about the thickness of the sheetrock for sound absorption and insulation? Most people don’t dwell too heavily on those details. Well, consider this. You are looking for a contractor to build the home of your dreams. What if you dealt with someone who listened to your wants and needs for the aesthetics and then switched gears to let you know about all the other considerations like those above. I think that you would feel much more confident in their abilities.

Education is key to strengthening long term relationships with clients. Learning the potential issues up front will give you the necessary tools to effectively manage expectations and develop achievable goals on both sides of the equation. Knowing what you can and cannot control, and when those options are available is key to a successful project cycle. Sometimes it can be perceived that items were withheld by development groups purposefully. Usually, these types of miscommunications are due to speaking different languages.

Change. We all have to expect and embrace it. The technologies used in digital projects can change rapidly. As time goes on, you should gather input from across the organization and that will help revise education, attitude and thoughts. In our organization, we have one of the smartest groups of people in not just our industry, but any industry. Both our thought leadership and our development staff.

Embrace not just the change, but also understand how it evolves. Then, you will be able to predict the future.