So, in true @Bazaarvoice fashion, I have decided to review my first month at my new company. I think it is very important to explain to potential new hires how I feel so far and give feedback. I am in the R&D Group so all my thoughts and experiences are related to that.

Some of the best I have seen. They have made it a priority to find the right people and get those people acclimated to the BV environment. The teams that handle these things really care about it. I personally felt that I mattered and that it really mattered to them that I came on board.

Information Technology
Wow, this team is great. Everything is streamlined and when you need something, it is handled quickly. No wasted time. As with anything, I show them the same respect that they showed me. Top notch.

I usually set the bar pretty high for myself but the company expectations for my first month were on par with what I would expect. Everyone that comes in is primed for success because of the extremely supportive culture.

Speaking of culture, there is a really strong focus during the interview process to identify people that will fit. For the first month it has been as advertised. I really appreciate the people and the atmosphere. There are lots of snacks and regular lunches that allow for lots of community interaction. It really is a great way to get to know everyone.

Leadership & Management
Major plus here. Leadership is very approachable and is very engaged with execution teams. Super smart, trusting and innovative leaders are crucial to success and I can definitely say this is the case at Bazaarvoice. Being a manager, I am so thankful that other managers and leadership make themselves available to me to answer questions and help me learn the BV way. They also allow me to bring my experiences into my day to day and are very interested in new ideas.

New ideas, new products and new services have been a consistent part of my first month at Bazaarvoice. So many really smart, talented people doing amazing things. I was drawn to this during my interviews and it hasn’t disappointed. Daily, I am surrounded by the young whiz kids, the experienced rock solid engineers and seasoned architects. Never starved for information.

Daily, I am surrounded by the young whiz kids, the experienced rock solid engineers and seasoned architects.

Work/Life Balance
I know, a very over used term but there is some merit. In my first month, I can say that I see consistent attention being paid to people’s time and being respectful of that. It is great to see a company like Bazaarvoice living the principles that it promotes. There are people who I see that work way too much but it is out of choice, not obligation. I’ve been doing this a long time, been there, done that. 🙂 #respect

The Work
As with any fast-growing company there are challenges. The work is not easy, if it was, why would we do it. The talent we recruit, hire and cultivate forces a consistent learning cycle that is amazing to be a part of. Just in my first month, I’ve seen this first hand. It has been good to bring experience but also to learn from those around me. There must be something good happening when we have lots of amazingly smart people who are having 6,7 and 8 year anniversaries. It is a testament to the work being done.

There must be something good happening when we have lots of amazingly smart people who are having 6,7 and 8 year anniversaries.

Career Path
It has been clear since day 1 how Bazaarvoice takes an individual interest in everyone’s career. This is something where a lot of companies fall short. I really give credit to the recruiting teams (@BVrecruits) and the management teams for making this a priority. They realize that top engineering talent and the supporting cast are necessary for the success of the company. It feels like this is engrained into management to always look at where each developer stands and where they want to be. Being a manager, I #livebv values with my teams and make sure they always know I am working to get them where they want to be.


Overall, I am really pleased with how the first month has gone. It went by quick. There are so many career opportunities at Bazaarvoice. I would definitely rate it 5 stars so far. Everything is as expected from the good, the bad and everything in between. We have a strong core, very capable leadership and a community of engineers that are focused on success and moving BV to that next level. Nothing is perfect, but BV is somewhere that has everything an engineer needs to be successful and build a truly great resume and career. If you are looking for a career (not just a job) that is rewarding and enjoyable, Bazaarvoice has some great job openings right now.

Send me your resume directly and I would be happy to discuss any opportunities you see. If you like “Big Data”, I even have a few openings on my team right now.

*Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this.