November 8th, 2016: Independent’s Day.

With 4 days left until election day, i have purposefully stayed away from publically stating my feelings on the candidates specifically. . That being said, this is my one and…

With 4 days left until election day, i have purposefully stayed away from publically stating my feelings on the candidates specifically. . That being said, this is my one and only post about it. These are observations and take what you want from it.

– This election is not about what is best for me or the future of my children, it’s about race, gender and pure emotion (mostly hatred).

– Media: Donald Trump is not a politician and never will be. If elected, the next 4 years will be drastically different.

– Media: Hilary Clinton is a politician and always will be. If elected, the next 4 years will be exactly the same.

The media is biased, no doubt about it. Facts are out the window. Whether you are a Fox watcher or a CNN watcher, its all the same. I have noticed though, CNN is on the offensive and Fox is on the defensive most of the time. When you see clips on CNN, they usually are taken so far out of context that the bias is noticeable if you are educated and ask the right questions. Fox fixates on the Hilary criminal aspect or Bill Clinton. Bill isn’t running for president.

– I see people voting because of gender, just like i saw in 2008 based on race. In 2008, I voted for Barack Obama because he was the best candidate based on facts and i anticipated change for the better of our country. He was inspiring. Neither candidate in this election is inspiring, they are polarizing for the wrong reasons.

– People who like Trump are fearful to state it publicly. I see tons of social media where people cry “racist” or “sexist” if you like Trump or bash Hilary. This is America. We are supposed to celebrate differences and embrace beliefs. You dont have to agree, but you should respect that part of the process. As an independent, I really am discouraged by a huge vocal majority of democrats behavior.

Republicans are becoming susceptible to media bias. One thing you could usually count on in the past is that republicans had certain stances that were firm and grounded. Now, its become a muddy lake of conservative views and negotiations. Right or wrong, it used to be a strong belief system, now its hit or miss.

– Democrats are skewing facts to play to the emotions of Americans who cant relate to struggle. Republicans are skewing the facts to hide the truth about struggle. Its all a perception issue. I find it personally offensive for ANYONE to tell me what its like to live in an inner city and i should vote for a candidate who will clean it up. Truth: Its doubtful i will ever know what its like or if it gets better. Note to both parties: Tell me how you will make MY life better and let me know that my kids have a safe and prosperous future. All socio-economic classes in the US have their own issues to solve. Don’t try to convince me that I am the problem. Im not. A person is evil, do not generalize me because of my skin color (sound familiar?)

Race division has never been as big as it is now. Everyone has inherent bias. Its unfortunate. I am really sad to see how much that division has grown in the last 8 years. After 9/11 we really were a single country. We came together and started to work against a common enemy. This division of race in America is exactly what our enemies want. I find it appalling that its national pride is looked at as negative.

– Legality is thrown out of the window. Social issues trump legality (no pun intended). We used to be a country built on accepting immigrants and contributions to society. Now we have immigration policies that are outdated, we have tons of people living in the country illegally and we have no sense of national pride, civic duty or contribution. Its all “me me me” and its not my fault.

I do find myself resenting socio-economic groups that refuse to help build our economy or society. That is where my guilt is. Ive worked hard for my life. Nothing was handed to me. I have zero guilt for that. I feel like i shouldnt feel like that. The media and peer pressure has caused this and it frightens me for the future. I love America and the freedom of ideas and beliefs. Now people are losing their jobs and livelihood because of something they said or believe. Sad.

It is no longer life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Its life, liberty and happiness. Its subtle in text, but substantial in meaning.

Dems promise to right the wrongs and change the world, but the truth is, if they did they would lose their voter base. It makes no logical sense.

Republicans promise a return to greatness, security and prosperity, but 9/11 happened on their watch, government never gets smaller.

– The truth lies somewhere in the middle, its unfortunate that we cant have more than a 2 party system. It was designed to keep people dumb, emotional and polarized and not focused on the real issues of life. Its based in hope. Then for 4 years, more of the same until hope rises up again and you long for change or something better.
After Tuesday, don’t think anything is different. Its our process and we live with it. The important thing is that we be one nation, under WHATEVER god you choose (or no god at all), indivisible and hopefully justice for all.