My name is Hanna Steinmetz, and I am an incoming freshman at Texas Tech University. I am planning to pursue a degree in education.

My younger brother Parker, now 14, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. While growing up, ABA was always a part of my family‚Äôs daily life, from the time I was about 7 I had heard the word ABA more times than I could count. Although ABA was commonly used in my home, that word held little meaning to me except that it was helping my brother. Most days, when I got home from school, my brother was in our ABA room with a teacher, playing, talking and working on social and life skills. I would frequently join in on games, and be the subject for many prompted questions. These interactions seemed like fun to me then, but now I know how much ABA Therapy has helped him. I can recall the days when he would scream out of frustration because he didn’t have the words to express his feelings.

Now, at 14 he is in a better place because of that therapy. He is a more functional boy who loves to play minecraft, annoy his big sister, and be around his family. I am beyond grateful that he had ABA to help him become the person he is today.